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Watch The My Boys Season Three Finale

my-boysTonight, the season three finale of My Boys airs on TBS. The show will end with a cliffhanger but there is no guarantee we’ll see things get resolved since TBS has not officially picked the show up for a fourth season. E! Online spoke to the show’s star Jordana Spiro about what we can expect in tonight’s episode.

“Every season My Boys leaves us with a pretty solid cliffhanger and this season finale is far and away my favorite one,” Jordana (P.J. Franklin) told E!.

The episode will take place Mesa, Arizona (where it was also filmed) during the Cubs’ spring training. P.J., a sports columnist, is there looking for a story and the rest of the gang has followed.

As for P.J. and Bobby and a potential pregnancy or engagement, Jordana said, “P.J. finally taking a step forward in their relationship. Now that they’re a couple, we had to ask: Can we expect a pregnancy or engagement Tuesday? “There’s always that chance and that’s all I’ll say.” Before they take their relationship that far, there’s a chance they could finally be shacking up. “I hope [their relationship] does [progress] because it opens up a whole new ball game of issues. I would love to see them move in together. They would have to rework their whole system with their friends. I would love to see how sharing a space becomes problematic and what gets on their nerves. I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Hopefully we get another season to explore that.”

And as for everyone else, Jordana teased a little about each character:

Andy (Jim Gaffigan): “He has to figure out what it’s like to live without poker for a week. He plays poker with a table full of plants.”

Stephanie: “She gets to live without poker for a week.”

Mike (Jamie Kaler) & Kenny: “They get their balls autographed.”

Brendan (Reid Scott): “His game is totally thrown off. It’s the complete opposite [of his normal love life]. Brendan and the real life Cubs player, Mike Fortino, have it out. They have a face off.”

Bobby: “I’ll just say that Bobby’s a really good boyfriend in this episode.”

P.J.: In addition to her writers’ block, P.J. plays the organ during spring training. “I did a really poor rendition of ‘Heart and Soul.'”

The season finale of My Boys airs at 10:30 PM EST tonight on TBS.

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